Saying goodbye to the post-college professional blog is a lot less sad when we are saying hello to something even more exciting!

The post-college professional blog closed to make way for a new resource which we think will serve your professional needs even better.


Calling All Optimists is designed to provide inspiration and offer support and guidance to career seekers as they move into their next phase of their career. Whether you just graduated from college and are researching options, have been working for several years and are looking for a career change, or want to take your skillset to the next level, our new site has quizzes, salary calculators, career-planning guides, relevant articles and more to help you get to your desired professional destination.



About Calling All Optimists

Today’s business world provides countless opportunities to establish, change or grow a career. If you add the vast directions today’s business world provides, you have unlimited career options you can choose to pursue. To help professionals navigate this complex world of career development, we created Calling All Optimists, a curated collection of tools, resources, and inspiration to help career seekers find their best next step.

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